YaeTek Pneumatic 4.2CFM Air Operated Vacuum Pump A/C Air Conditioning System Tool Auto Yaemart Corportation

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  • This is our pneumatic 4.2CFM air operated vacuum pump. It is easy to operate, simply connect the Air Line and it pulls full vacuum in less than 2 minutes. This air vacuum pump is ideal for automotive air conditioners, home air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers. The air vacuum pump is a AC pump that eliminates moisture from air conditioning systems, making it safe and easy to add refrigerant.
  • Easy to Operate, Simply Connect the Air Line and it Pulls Full Vacuum in Less Than 2 Minutes
  • Suitable for R134a and R12 Automotive Use, Includes Fittings
  • Venturi-Type AC Pump Eliminates Moisture from Air Conditioning System, Makes It Safe and Easy To Charge Refrigerant
  • Perfect for Automotive Air Conditioning System, Home Air Conditioner, Refrigerators, Freezers and Much More

Vacuum Port: /" ACME (R34a) & R Connector
Vacuum Capacity: .3" of Mercury at sea level @ 90 PSI
Air pressure Range: 0PSI minimum to 0PSI maximum
Air Consumption: 4. CFM @ 90 PSI
Air Inlet: /4''NPT
Material: Front connection:aluminum
thick connection: cooper
x Vacuum Pump

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