Woiitc Automotive Retractable Snow Shovel With Stainless Steel Handle For Household Fast Snow Removal

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Product Description

  • Design:very space saving special colors make it easier to find
  • Easy-to-grip handle for easier de-icing
  • Spend very little time unfreezing your butt-scraping off the frost from the windshield like you mean
  • Smash the ice cube-break the impression of your best Vinnie Jones and use the claw side of the scraper to hit the big chunks of ice hanging on your car
  • The car on the car will satisfy you-when you take care of your car with the right tools you and your car will be happier this is the concern your car deserves

flimsy scrapers you buy at the local petrol station they will scrape unevenly and waste your time
this scraper will remove frost easily and ice chunks are a breeze
CRUSH THE ICE CHUNKS-Break out your best Vinnie Jones impression and attack those big chunks of ice that hang around your car by slamming it with the claw side of this scraper
YOU WILL NEVER NEED ANOTHER WINDSCREEN SCRAPER-This ice scraper is tough enough to actually outlast your car if you treat it with respect (as you should treat all tools)
BUILT FOR EXTREME COLD WEATHER CLIMATES-Even extreme low temps in the American Midwest Mountains and Northeast are no match for the frost shaving Ice Scraper by

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