Stahlflexleitung Lucas MCH392V2 for Kawasaki Z 750 ZR750J / Kawasaki Z 750 ZR750L

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  • TRW Moto Lucas braided stainless steel cables for motorcycle and Abe certified organic cultivation: This mains sets are vehicle specific and together with other plates, which means you don't have ready for installation effort and time. The duct kit is always available for the front axle - Rear and clutch (gem. Item Bezeich Nunge and explanation). The Verlegungs way is if be reassembled technically, the original rubber lines. The cable sets is a KBA approval when you contact us.
  • KAWASAKI Z 750 750 ZR750J 2004 - 2006] front axle | Kawasaki Z 750 750 ZR750L 2007 - 2010] front axle
  • TRW Lucas Moto is a leading manufacturer of accessories for Bremss disc, Kupplungskits, Brake pads and accessories for motor cycles and motorbikes. Trwmoto brake pads are popular with driver and workshops. There are for street, off-road and racing many different item to choice. TRW Lucas Moto products are made in Europe.
  • 'term explanation: V1 = brake line on the front 1 piece (1 line), (V1 can also create a Kpplungs cables Kennzeichnen), V2 = brake lines front 2 pieces set (2 leads), V3 = brake lines front 3 parts (3 core mains More) H1 = brake line rear 1 piece (1 line), H2 = brake lines on back 2 Piece etc (2 leads etc), K1 = coupling 1 piece (1 pipe), means "C = Steel connectors in chrome. In doubt, please simply a message via Amazon buyer message.

TRW/Lucas steel Flexleitungenj of 5 Protects a lot of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) - models with ABE.TRW/Lucas steel flex lines are available in a kit vehicle specific and Montagefertigzusammen, which means you don't have placed effort and time. The duct kit is always Verfügbarfür the front axle - rear and clutch (word explanation see below).The Verlegungs way is if technically be, the original rubber lines.The line sets the organic certification.1100 finished kits;, including over 1000 models that have an Abeabe Cables are with with the Aufgeschrumpfter vehicle identification number Versehenalle Cables are as standard with transparent Ummantelungdie ports are made of high-strength aluminium or steel (Standard Ports are titanium anodised) the compressed tubes are made from the inner core made of DuPont Teflon stainless steel weave is made of, full front axle round material. V4ARING connectors as standard have a 10 mm bore, harley davidson contrast even 11 mm connection can drill holes in the original hollow screwing to use again. In Einigenleitungen with anatomically engineered direct sonic welded spreaders will be the system modified and available in 2 Teiligerleitungssatz incl. Double hollow screw Ausgeliefertaluminium sealing rings are generally for Lieferum fan Gdeutliche improvement of the pressure point Eslängeres Removable interval of brake fluid Möglichlangzeitgarantie on material and higher do, there is Gtrw braided stainless steel cables are maintenance-free and age Nichtgummileitungen, however, must be every 5 years to be replaced.Special Colours, jackets and other lengths available on request (+ shipping, if without ABE approval) Hollow front screw need to be bought separately term explanation: V1 = Brake Cable 1 Piece (1) (V1 can also create a female pipe distinguish) V2 = Brake Lines On The Front Of 2/2

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