AMYMGLL General Car Cushion Cover Linen Deluxe Edition (8set) Universal Car Pad Cover Four Seasons Universal 4 Colors Options , 2

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Product Description

  • Deluxe Edition: (8sets) Front cushion cover * 2 pieces, rear backrest * 2 pieces, rear three mat * 1, armrest pad * 1, middle small cap * 1 piece
  • Features: fabric hair soft, waxy, drape is good, the quality of light, natural environmental protection, does not affect the car environment, the quality of soft, does not affect the car seat
  • Material: flax, filler: buckwheat shell, specifications: four seasons common, style: five car general
  • Feel good, good flame retardant, easy to clean, even if the long contact is not comfortable, smooth and delicate. Sponge comfortable breathable, anti-bacterial, anti-static, GM suitable for most of the five cars, environmentally friendly and comfortable to protect your car seat from sweat or dirt damage
  • Use the most advanced physical therapy design, correct the back seat, keep the sedentary waist relaxation, promote the body meridian flow, relieve muscle soreness preservation before and after the spine neck, chest, waist normal curve, effectively ease long-distance driving to bring full enjoyment of driving pleasure

Material: linen
Filling: buckwheat shell
Specifications: General
Styles: General

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